Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mobile Development Resources

Flex Resources
The following Flex ebooks are not too hard to find on the www:
  • Flex in a week 4.5
  • Adobe Flex 4.5 Fundamentals: Training from the Source
  • Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4 Bible
  • Enterprise Development with Flex (Adobe Dev Lib) 2010

Why MonoTouch And Mono For Android

Visual Studio Themes - Dark Background

If you are using a mild VS theme which has a grey background and light brown text:

you may have problems with some html tags having the same color as its text.  You need to change the "default" color 0x020000000 to your desired color.

The standard options to look out for are options-fonts->

  • Razor
  • Plain Text
  • Line Numbers
  • Comments
  • Identifier
  • Keyword
  • Operator
  • String
  • UserTypes

Removing Empty Folders In Command Prompt

For a quick way to batch remove all empty folders, "cd" into that folder and perform the following:

for /f "usebackq delims=" %d in (`"dir /ad/b/s | sort /R"`) do rd "%d"

Please backup the source folder before doing so, just in case.  Afterwards, you can use beyond compare and order by folder size to compare the results.