Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DreamFactory migration steps

The following is just one way to migration an installation (ie OpenWealth).

1) Install package onto the new site
2) Use Monarch to migrate data across
3) Migrate page layout

Salesforce Migration Order/Best Practices

A snippet from Dream Factory's Snapshot documentation:

In order to achieve maximum results with your deployment, it is recommended that you follow the documented order of operations that is detailed below for Asset SnapShot Push. This order will minimize the errors generated by contingent dependencies and relationships in your Org. Carefully read any error messages and make adjustments as necessary. If you need to be able to push individual object fields then use the Object SnapShot Push.

1.    Objects: All *
2.    Apex Classes
3.    Apex Components
4.    Apex Pages
5.    Apex Triggers
6.    S-Controls
7.    Page Layouts
8.    Static Resources
9.    Letterheads
10.    Workflows **
11.    Report Types
12.    Home Page Web Links
13.    Home Page Components
14.    Home Page Layouts
15.    Custom Tabs
16.    Custom Labels
17.    Custom Applications
18.    Custom Object Translation
19.    Custom Sites
20.    Profiles: All ***
* This will push all Object fields plus their related Record Types, Web Links, Validation Rules, Search Layouts and List Views. These settings can also be pushed individually if needed.

** Users tied to workflows must be created in the Destination Org prior to pushing

*** This will push all Profile metadata plus the related settings including: Application Visibility, Field Level Security, Layout Assignments, Object Permissions, Record Type Visibility and Tab Visibility. These settings can also be pushed individually if needed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

VMware vConverter Cannot Find Your Hard Drive

After you have installed vConverter, it may not be able to find any partition on your machine that needs to be converter.  This is caused by Windows UAC!

If you run the vConverter "As Administrator", vConverter will then see your hard drive.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick Tools

If you had problems with how MsPaint scews up an image's transparent background, you can try Paint.Net

If you need to do presentations and need to record it to a video, use Cyberlink YouCam.
supported format AVI/WMV

Free Video Recording