Monday, April 11, 2011

SalesForce Tools

SF tools: explorer (see all sf objects like how SQL management studio works for MS-SQL)

Adobe flash builder - To develop flex/flash and access SF data via queryResult dataloader - upload from csv IDE - should just download eclipse and use the sf plug-in instead

For sample data, use random name generator to excel to generate dummy excel files for uploading to SF

To create word templates, Docx is actually a zip file.  You can extract it and update the document.xml

To toggle between the field codes and word documents, use alt f9 in MS-Word

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Google calender

If you like the google calender, you must check out the following jquery calender control.

SalesForce Admin ADM 201

Test Concepts in Admin ADM 201

-Different types of relationships for custom objects
-If you want to disable viewing all objects in an application, where do you set this?
-If the system wide default is read/write, how can you restrict what records the user can view?
-what will happen to the existing exchange rates will you turn on advance currency management
-mass transfer of user's records (one of the following will not be mass transferred: open case, close case, open activity, closed activity)