Tuesday, November 23, 2010

PDC 2010 videoes

PDC 2010 videoes are available for downloads using 
http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mark/archive/2010/11/03/pdc10-downloader.aspx  or

If you live in Australia, you might still have to schedule your downloads because your ISP cap your peak time downloads.  Using your favorite download manager, you can either use the following URL:

If you want to manually generate a HTML page with high/low quality vidoes, click on the following RSS and copy and paste that into a word document.  Save that as an html file and if you host that in your local IIS, you can use old school URL grabbers to download just these quality vidoes.

Fairfax - Transactions Division

Since I've gone through some interviews with Fairfax, it seems appropriate to understand what sites does the "Transactions Division" has:
RSVP, Stayz, APM, InvestSmart, MyType
(See http://digitalministry.com/AU/articles/1057/Digital+People+Lija+Jarvis/1)

Using BuiltWith.com, I've identified the technologies used:
Stayz - J2EE
Invest Smart - classic asp
MyType - J2EE

It seems that for an ASP.Net role, I will only be working on APM or wait for an upgrade for Invest Smart.

Coincidentally the "Fairfax CEO unveils new structure":

Fairfax Media’s major newspaper mastheads are to be reunited with their online versions in the same division as part of the company’s restructure announced this morning.

However, the share market initially reacted poorly to the company’s changes, which do not appear to be particularly far reaching in terms of product strategy. Fairfax’s share price fell to $1.36, close to its low for the year of $1.32.

CEO Brian McCarthy revealed a new organisational structure consisting of nine business units.
  • Metropolitan Media, which will include both print and online editions of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age within the same unit. It will also include a national sales team
  • Australian Regional Publishing
  • Financial Review Group
  • Fairfax Radio Network
  • New Zealand Media
  • Agricultural Publishing
  • Printing
  • Digital Transactions
  • Trade Me